Our Projects

CAM's Vision Summer Camp

Winston, Georgia

CAMS Vision 2K Summer Camp is an educational, recreational, and social skills program for youth ages 5-18 who are blind/visually impaired and their siblings/friends/peers. At the CAMS Vision 2K Summer Camp, elementary-, middle-, and high-school students attend a two-week camp alongside their school-aged counterparts. Campers enjoy field trips, cultural enrichment experiences, and recreational activities such as goalball, basketball, adapted soccer, bowling, beep kickball, adapted/typical golf and more…


CAM's Excursions

CAM's EXCURSION experiences are for the purpose of leisure but also hold educational and social value for youth affiliated with CAM's Vision to engage in, explore and experience normal age appropriate activities.  These activities are commonly considered physically unachievable for a blind/visually impaired person.


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